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In-School Academic Center (IAC)

Steve Lanthier
In-School Suspension        
Extra Help Group 
Academic/ADHD Coaching     
HiSET Prep Classes
Individualized English Classes 

The IAC program, originally known as Community School, was established to accommodate the
academic needs of both the middle and high school students who were assigned to in-school
suspension for the duration of the school day. While the basic function of IAC has remained the same
over the years, it's purpose has been expanded significantly to include more proactive involvement with
students through programs and services including: the Extra Help Group, which is open to students who
are having difficulty in one or more areas of their experiences at school but may not qualify for other
types of assistance; HiSET Prep, for those students who have reached the age of 16 and have decided to
pursue a HiSET certification rather than a high school diploma (with parent's and principal's permission); Individualized
English class, for those students who may have failed a required English class more than once, or need
to recoup credit; Academic or ADHD Coaching, for students who could benefit from setting goals and
strategies with the support of a coach.

The underlying philosophy of the IAC program is that all students, regardless of the nature of their
behavioral and academic issues, deserve the chance to receive support in a setting where they will be
given the opportunity to concentrate on their school work, and get help for their learning and social

Rules and Expectations of the IAC program:

Regardless of the reasons students may be in the IAC room, they are expected to follow all school rules and be courteous and respectful toward the teachers and other students in the room. Students have the right to expect courteous and respectful treatment whenever they are in the IAC room.