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Dual Enrollment

Partnerships with Community College System of New Hampshire
Running Start - Earn College Credit in High School

PHS participates in the NH Project Running Start, a unique higher education initiative for high school students. The Running Start Program allows high school students with junior and senior status to be dually enrolled in selected Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) courses while completing their high school program. Running Start courses are taught at the college level by PHS teachers who have a Masters Degree in that discipline and who meet or exceed the hiring qualifications for all CCSNH faculty. The designated courses meet college level standards established by the Community College System. The college sets all required fees which are paid directly to the college.

Students receive an official college transcript for the credits earned from the respective college. The college credits earned through this program may be used toward completion of a degree, diploma, or certificate in the New Hampshire Community College System or may be used to transfer credit to other colleges or universities throughout the country. Please note that the determination of transfer credit is at the discretion of the receiving institution. This important partnership between post-secondary and secondary schools promotes access to higher education, while lowering the costs associated with obtaining a college education.

The Running Start program has significant advantages:

· Reduced tuition costs: CCSNH sets all required fees.

· Prepares students to transition from high school to college.

· Increases academic motivation at the high school and college level.

· Offers dual credit - meets high school requirements and receives college credit as well.

· Reduces time to complete higher education requirements.

· Encourages more young learners to seek a higher education.

· Provides access to CCSNH resources while in high school.

*Running Start courses are currently only open to juniors and seniors.

Please Note: Running Start and Dual Credit Courses have attendance policies defined by the respective colleges.