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Suggestions for you to jump-start your college action plan during the summer. Take these tips to heart and the college application process will be significantly smoother come Senior year!



  • Get ready for the ACT or SAT test during the summer by taking full-length practice tests. Go to  and
  • Prepare for SAT Reasoning or SAT Subject Tests if the college you are interested in accepts these test scores. If you plan your tests in advance you can take up to three Subject Tests on the same day.


Start your college search:

  • Make a list of your abilities, hobbies, preferences, and personal qualities and use this list to develop what you may want to study in college
  • Read about perspective majors and careers at Career Cruising
  • Use COLLEGE SEARCH at Career Cruising to help find colleges that have the features and characteristics you are looking for in a college.
  • Visit college campuses. Take campus tours and schedule interviews with admissions counselors. It will show that you are serious about attending their school, plus it gives you a jump start for the fall when you will be busy with schoolwork. 


Secure your admission:

  • Begin thinking of what you will write about for your admissions essays. 
  • Ask teachers and your school counselor if they would be able to write letters of recommendation for you - best to ask as soon as possible so they have time to think about what they will write!
  • Check the college website to determine how it expects you to complete the college application. Ensure that you have the dates of acceptance down - some schools have early admissions dates. 


Stay active during the summer:

  • Keep your mind active. Do some summer reading to catch up on required reading


Start thinking about Financial Aid and how to pay for college:

  • Consult with your parents to determine the amount of financial aid that you will need to apply for.
  • Begin compiling a list of scholarships to apply for, as well as begin writing scholarship letters and essays.
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