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  • Your schedule should include courses that challenge you academically.
  • Your junior year grades are crucial because they are your last chance to influence the GPA and class rank that will be indicated on your college applications and transcripts.
  • Volunteer for school and community activities.  Remember, you need to give 40 hours of community service as part of graduation requirements.
  • Prepare for the PSAT by studying the PSAT guide and taking the practice test if you are planning to attend college.
  • Visit the local college and career fairs to continue to explore your options   usually held in October!
  • Review your PSAT scores with your counselor and discuss the SAT registration process.
  • Rededicate yourself after the winter vacation to achieve better grades. Evaluate your study habits and organization, making changes where necessary.
  • Prepare for the SATs by using College Board study guides and taking the practice tests.
  • Begin planning your course selection for your senior year.
  • If planning for college, register for the May or June SATs and/or ACTs and possibly the SAT Subject Tests, if you have not done so already.  Take the SAT Subject tests in May if you are currently taking an Advanced Placement Course.
  • Review your planned senior year courses with your parents and make final changes if necessary. Verify that you have completed or are scheduled for all graduation requirements.
  • Prepare for your final examinations.
  • Make plans for the summer, which could include job opportunities, added reading assignments, and college visits.
  • Begin your summer reading for English class.
  • Continue to prepare for the SAT and/or ACT exams. Practice, practice, practice.
  • Begin planning and developing your college essays.
  • Save money for your college or technical school fund.
  • Visit potential colleges, career schools, or technical schools.  Make careful notes and take pictures as the schools will tend to run together as you visit others.
  • Update your high school resume and include a list of school and community experiences and awards).